knit pattern: oversized bow headband

a few people have asked me to write up a pattern for my bow headband. i had a spare moment today, so here it is! this simple bow is knit in a tight gauge, so it houses deep creases and holds its shape. the bow is attached to an icord, and can be worn as a headband, bracelet or necklace. or knit the bow by itself and attach it to shirts, hair clips, or whatever else you can think of!

yarn: a small amount of bristol yarn gallery buckingham in black. but any DK weight yarn will do.
needles: US2 / 2.75 mm double pointed needles
gauge: 24 sts /  40 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

a tapestry or yarn needle
an elastic hair band (for the i cord)

finished measurements: 
bow: 4 inches wide, 5 inches long
i cord: 16 inches, plus elastic band. 

i used dk weight yarn, but feel free to use worsted on US3 needles. just be sure to get a tight gauge! if you want to add a hair clip instead of an i-cord, follow the directions exactly. just attach the hair clip instead of an i-cord. i recommend a hair clip that has holes, which can be used to sew it securely on to the bow.

to make the bow:
cast on 24 sts.

row one: knit
row two: slip 1, purl all
row three: slip 1, knit all

repeat rows two and three, working in stockinette stitch and retaining the slipped-stitch selvage, until the piece measures 10 in, or double your desired length.

cast off.

seaming: with wrong side facing, fold the rectangle over at the middle. the right sides of the fabric should be touching each other. pin the edges down, and sew the top and bottom edges together. turn the bow right-side out, and sew the cast-on and cast-off edges together. your rectangle should now be completely seamed together.

how to make the loop:
cast on 7 stitches.
knit in stockinette, with the slipped stitch edge, for four inches (or until the strip will wrap around the middle of the bow to the desired tightness).
do NOT bind off.

how to make the i-cord
using the long-tail cast on, cast on 4 stitches AROUND one end of the elastic hair band. when you wrap the yarn around the needle, wrap it around the elastic band as well. your elastic band will have to be stretchy enough to fit the skein of yarn through it, otherwise this wont work at all.

once you have cast-on around the elastic band, knit the i-cord. there is a good tutorial here if you don't know how.

knit until i-cord is about four inches shorter than it needs to be, when stretched.

cast off just as you cast on, around the other end of the elastic band. your i-cord should now stretch comfortably around your head, and fit snugly.

take a spare bit of yarn, and wrap it tightly around the center of the bow. make a few loops, tie a knot in the back, and be sure to leave two long tails. the bow should now be pulled together in the center, to measure about 1.5 inches.

wrap the loop around the middle of the bow, being sure to conceal the yarn wraps underneath. place the i-cord in the center of the back, and graft the edges of the loop together around the i-cord.

using the long tails left over from the beginning, tack the bow, the loop and the i-cord together. but do not put the bow right in the center of the i-cord, unless you want the bow to sit on the top of your head!

artfully arrange the creases of the bow, block lightly with a spray bottle, and you're done!

** this applies to my 101 in 1001 list. it is number eighty-three. the pattern is quite unnecessarily detailed, because i am using it to practice writing a real pattern, for a sweater i have designed. if you make it, please please please let me know if there are any problems. i need to learn how to write a coherent pattern. it's harder than i thought!


Allyson said...

I love your idea to knit an i-cord around an elastic band! Very smart. And the size of the bow is perfect. Well done!

aleksandra said...

hurray for the pattern!

Team Knit ! said...

awesome, thanks for sharing the pattern!

- Julie

Soto Sister said...

Very nice! I'll be making some for my nieces for Christmas!

MeliJo said...

I love this pattern! I'll be making some of these in every color possible :D

katiejane said...

Can you clarify how you cast on around the rubber band? I guess I'm just not quite getting it. Thx!!

Lydia said...

Wow.. I love your hair! It looks so cute! now off to make that bow for a friend.

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